MCK Lawyers started as a family firm and we continue to be a nurturing environment for recent graduates to develop their skills. We have a strong team environment that allows people to learn and grow in their chosen expertise. We have a wide range of clients which makes for interesting and challenging work. We look for people with a good work ethic, a willingness to learn and help others, and to be extremely competent at their work. 

We acknowledge the privilege of having studied at universities funded by the community and so we aim to contribute to the community and the development of the law, through our values and by enabling our staff to strive to be the best amongst their peers.

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Currently we have no vacancies, but our business keeps growing, and there will be new opportunities to join our team in the near future.

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If you are studying law, we always like to hear from you, and assess how we could contribute to your professional development.

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Please do not hesitate to drop us a quick line and send us your CV, should you wish to bring your unique value to our firm.

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